Principal Interior Designer

Taniesha Jo Interiors is a boutique interior design company based in Cleveland that specializes in creating stylish interiors that captures the essence of each client's residential or commercial space. Taniesha Jo Interiors approaches design with a purposeful intent and bold perspective that creates exceptional spaces when fused together.


 Taniesha has always demonstrated a love for design since her childhood. She had a fascination with organizing her books and staging her room frequently giving it a different "feel" each time. This fascination grew over the years reveling her keen eye for detail and now an obsession with heavy textures and bold prints.


These unhealthy obsessions propelled her into pursuing a career in design where she would earn her degree in interior design from a highly ranked art school called Virginia Marti College Art & Design. 

Taniesha Jo Interiors has a distinctive aesthetic bold, eclectic, yet sophisticated which captures the spirit of it's creator. Her inspiration comes from her love for contemporary art, eye-catching patterns, and editorial fashion.

As Taniesha continues to grow her brand her plans to launch a home decor line features a luxury pillow collection she calls Haus of June